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I don't consider myself simply a photographer but an artist with a camera...

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Coming from an extensive art background, photography gives me the most fulfilment of all the artistic mediums in my repertoire.

I love to capture people in the beauty of nature.

I feel a palette of natural textures and working with natural light is best for capturing authentic portraits.

I try not to define my "style" too much . While I'll usually start the session with a few classic poses, I transition into prompts to let clients’ personalities dictate where the session goes to capture the moment and make rich, evocative photographs you’re guaranteed to treasure.

I will say, I am both a landscape and lifestyle photographer, so you can find elements of both in both in my work. I'm not an ordinary photographer by any means, I'm easy going and willing to collaborate and be creatively adventurous.

Want to include your pets? YES!

Choose a location from coastal beaches or peaceful redwood forests 

The Monterey Bay area has no shortage of picturesque locations from which to choose to do your session.

I can suggest some locations or it can be a location special to you. Love the zen feel of Bamboo Groves and a

Japanese Garden? I know a place locally!

Would you like your session to be at your home? I'm happy to come to you. I can be flexible in different lighting conditions and am equally comfortable shooting in glowing natural sunlight or using a bright window to help sculpt subjects during an

in-home session.

Whether you want a traditional look, romantic look or you are into cosplay and costumes, I'm in!  If you love a diverse color palette, the beauty of nature and natural light vs. the starched studio look, I'm your portrait artist! 

Fun Fact about me: I have 20 years experience as a professional face and body painter. If you would like a creative fine art shoot with face painting or body art just ask!

Portraiture Services





This fee secures your chosen date as well as covering costs associated with my time and talent including:

  • A 45 - 90 minute session preceded by consultations and guidance to prepare you.

  • Professional post-production process that includes several hours of narrowing down images, using different enhancements, and retouching to make each and every session truly one of a kind.

  • A gallery of 50+ images from the shoot. 

  • A  private personalized slideshow, gallery & print store that will allow you to select your favorite images, download your purchased digitals, and order prints.

Session Fee does not include digital image downloads or prints.

Collections of images will be available for purchase after viewing your photos.

My goal is for our time together to be comfortable and fun! The session time is variable because each session is unique and situations vary. As a natural light outdoor photographer, I feel working with children, pets, wardrobe or location changes, weather, and changing light requires flexibility. I also want to be focused on you, not watching the clock. 

The sessions start out with a few standard poses then I transition into gentle prompts. This allows the session to unfold organically to artistically capture authentic moments of everyday life and sentiment. If you are nervous in front of the camera, no worries! It won't be long into the session before you almost forget the camera is there with us. 

Sessions are best scheduled the hour before sunset when the light is most flattering. The location of the session can be someplace special to you around the Monterey Bay Area or at your home. If you are visiting the area or don't have a place in mind, I can suggest a great place.  

Images from these sessions are stunning in handcrafted albums, heirloom pieces, and collections of fine art prints. These are images that future generations will cherish. Printed on the finest of archival materials... they are made to be shared and preserved. 

*additional travel fee for locations more than 25 miles from the Monterey Bay Area

The Experience

in 3 steps...


Fill out my contact form and schedule a phone call with me to go over all the details and answer any questions you have about working with me.

If we decide we are a good fit, I will send you a contract and invoice for the $250 session fee to book your session and reserve your date!


This is the fun part! You just need to suit up & show up! Meet me someplace beautiful an hour and a half before sunset for a fun and relaxed session. You bring the good looks, I'll bring the camera! 


Within 3 weeks of your session I will send you a link to your 24 hour slideshow, containing a curated selection of 50-80 images. You will then have an opportunity to choose your favorites and purchase a collection of digital images & prints from your private gallery and custom print store! 




Print & Digital Collections


Why get prints?

These days, everything is digital. Our conversations are digital, our photos are digital, our books are all-too-often digital

– even this communication is digital.

Maybe that’s why, more than ever, we are drawn to the tangible, the artisan-crafted, the real and raw and rough-to-the-touch. 

Deep matte prints. Gallery wrapped canvases. Canvas bound albums.

Memories that matter and bring us joy, need to be brought to life.

So what happens when we grow up in a society of picture takers but not photo printers? We get a disconnect. Photo printing brings those moments back into our lives and they are tangible and easily accessible. They are shared when printed. They give children a sense of security and belonging when the photos are displayed throughout their own homes.

Let me help you have something tangible in a digital world.

My Collections are designed to give you the best of both worlds. 

Digital & print combo collection prices start at $275

The average client investment including session fee and final print and digital products is typically upwards of $1200. 

Lifestyle & Portrait Sessions

These standard sessions are for

Families, Children, Individuals, Couples, Holiday Photos, Milestones or just because!

They can occur out on location within 25 miles of the Monterey Bay or at your home. Outdoor locations can be somewhere special to your family or I can suggest some great spots!

Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-27
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-33
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-18
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-10
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-7
Amy Medina Photography_  family_lifestyle_holiday card
Amy Medina Photography_ outdoor, on location_family portraits
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-35
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-31
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-22
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-36
Amy Medina Photography_  lifestyle_ portraiture_ portrait

Fine Art Portraiture

Amy Medina Photography_Dia de los Muertos_sugar skull_fine are portraits_Santa Cruz_Monter
Amy Medina Photography_Dia de los Muertos_sugar skull_fine are portraits_Santa Cruz_Monter
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-2.jpg
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-3.jpg
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos.jpg
Amy Medina Photography Family_Engagement_headshot_Senior_Santa Cruz_Monterey_aptos-2.jpg

A specialized session highlighting artistry, self expression and mood.

Stylized and coordinated to produce a portrait that conveys a creative and classic fine art statement.

This timeless artistic feel and can include whimsical clothing, trash the dress, props and refined in photoshop to produce a truly unique piece of art.

The images are incredible for grand statements on walls, themed rooms and intimate areas of your home.

Generally these themed styled sessions center around one subject but can also include more.

Awesome for Free Spirits, Cosplayers, Dia De Los Muertos or Engagement Sessions prior to themed weddings.

You provide the costumes & props, I'll bring the artistry and camera! 

Face & Body Painting can be added on  (also great for maternity sessions!)


Seniors & Grad Sessions