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Are you taking any Covid19 precautions?

I follow all safety recommendations from our health authorities to continue to offer you the safest services possible regardless of vaccination status. Most my sessions are done outdoors. The lenses I use already require me to stand much further away than the recommended 6 ft. I keep my mask & hand sanitizer handy should I need to approach you for posing adjustments. I generally use mostly verbal prompts for posing vs. close contact posing. For indoor sessions I keep my mask on and sanitizer handy at all times.
All clients are required to have face coverings available in the event that they are needed depending on the location of the shoot, but not for the photos, of course (unless you want some with your mask on!).
It is also for this reason I ask you to bring all your own props during this time.

What if the weather looks bad the day of your session?

We can always reschedule your session due to inclement weather (rain, strong winds/storms). Cloudy and overcast days are actually ideal for shooting outdoors and offers flattering light and can also create a cool mood for your photos! As long as we can avoid a downpour we can do the session. Keep in mind, while I can shoot in the cold, your outfit may not be suited to making you comfortable during a cold session so keep the weather in mind when choosing your wardrobe.

What happens if you, the photographer needs to cancel?

While I hope this never happens for both our sake, if the weather is TOO crazy, act of God, or I am injured or sick you can put your retainer toward a reschedule or you can have it refunded.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are a tough situation that nobody wants to encounter, but we need to have a plan just in case. Because of the nature of my business, after I book your date, I turn away other requests for that timeslot. Dates cannot typically be filled with a late cancellation and I've lost a day of work. For this reason, 50% of the session fee is non refundable. However, I understand life happens. If you give me as much notice as possible, you can transfer your session fee to a rescheduled date within 30 days, ONE TIME ONLY. If you are or anyone in your family is SICK, for the health and safety of all of us please call me to reschedule without penalty even up until the day of your session.

How do I book a session?

Head on over to my contact page and send me a message to make an appointment for us to chat! Once we’ve had a chance to talk and you would like to book a date I will send you an invoice for the $250 session fee (or 50% retainer with balance to be paid by the day of the session) and a contract (which we can read through together though I tried to word it with less legalese and more easy to understand terms) Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and a date is not booked until I’ve received the signed contract and the retainer.

Does the session fee come with prints and digital files?

No, the session does not include any digital files or prints. Those are purchased separately after you've seen your photos. After the big reveal of your session photos, you will be given an opportunity to choose one of three Collections. Each collection includes a number of digital files and print credit to use in your personalized & private print store & gallery.

When do I get to see my photos?

After your session, I will carefully go through all the images and bring out the very best. Depending on my work load, within a few days, I will often post a sneak peek on my Facebook & Instagram pages, where you'll be able to share some of the images immediately with your friends and family. I recommend tagging yourself in the image to reach more of your friends' and family's newsfeeds. The editing process can sometimes take up to 1-3 weeks for depending on the length of your session, the number of images and type of session, or my workload. Within 3 weeks you will be sent a "big reveal slideshow" for you to view and share. The next day, you will be given your collection choices. After you've chosen your collection your customized gallery and print shop will be open for you to download your purchased digitals and use your print credit to order prints. Make sure to book your session at least 4-6 weeks in advance if you need any printed materials by a certain date (especially during holiday season). If you need rush pricing, please let me know.

What is *NOT* included with the session?

Most of my work as a photographer lays on editing, for that reason raw and unedited images are never shared with clients. -Props
-Entrance, parking & permit fees
-Hair or makeup

How many photos will we get?

Each session yeilds at least 50+ digital image proofs. Depending on your collection choice you will recieve anywhere from 10 digitals to the full gallery in combination with a print credit to purchase printed products.

Can we have the raw/unedited files?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: I shoot and edit everything in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and color information is available for my editing. I do not include RAW files with my packages. Not only is specific professional software required to view the image files, providing the RAW files is akin to a baker handing you a bag of flour instead of the finished cake. I manipulate these files with the professional software to be able to deliver images of the same quality that you see throughout my portfolio. This is where much of where the artistry comes in and that you are paying me for. This is what makes the difference between hiring a professional and using a cell phone or point and shoot. In those cases the cell phone or point and shoot camera is developing your photos. Where I hand develop them so you and your images look as beautiful as they should.

What do you edit in every photo?

I creatively edit all images to achieve my style, and generally includes but is not limited to color correction, sharpening for print, lighting up of subjects, highlights adjustments to enhance the image and skies when needed. As far as retouching, I do skin smoothing, remove obvious (non permanent) blemishes and minimize mild skin imperfections, teeth whitening if necessary, removal of some fly away hairs, removal of distracting elements in the background or any. If you have a feature you would like minimized please don't be shy about letting me know before your session so I can shoot and retouch accordingly. Retouching does NOT include Cosmetic Retouching, this would involve altering the basic structure of a person as taken such as: slimming, nose jobs, eye shaping, back, arm, side rolls & overall slimming, double chins, composites, tattoo removal, excessive fly away hairs, adding hair to the head or subtracting hair from other places, removal of logos or distracting elements in clothing, head swapping, full wrinkle elimination, etc. Full Cosmetic retouching with is available for an additional fee of $25 per image. Discounts are available for bulk orders. For any more specific requests, please get in touch with me.
Artistic Fine Art Portraiture editing sometimes does come with full editing but is priced to account for it.

Do you deliver black & white photos?

A small portion of the images I deliver (typically less than 5%) are black & white where I feel it better suits the image, but the vast majority of images I deliver will be in color unless you specifically request more black & white edits.

Does the session include multiple outfit changes?

Yes. Feel free to bring along an outfit change if the session time allows. I'm pretty relaxed about clothing changes as long as they can be done quickly. I recommend no more than 1-2 quick changes. Too many outfit changes can result in less time for getting a good amount of images or missing the good light. Be aware that since most sessions are done at an outdoor public location, there aren't always places to change. I recommend wearing a base layer of a tank top and shorts, bathing suit or something else inconspicuous under your clothes so you can change in the open without flashing people. :) Sessions needing more than 2 outfit changes will require extra time. Arrangements can be made beforehand to start earlier to allow for more changes at an additional charge for the extra time beyond a 90 minute session.

How many family members/ friends are included in these sessions?

Each portrait package I offer is good for immediate family only. Up to 6 people. (You, your spouse, and your children.) If you are interested in extended family sessions, let me know!

Do you ever do mini sessions?

YES!! Sign up for my newsletter for notifications of that!

Why do you require a model release?

So that you can see what to expect from a session with me through the images I create and what we can create together. A model release allows me to use the images in my online portfolio, website, and social media. I will never post anything unflattering. If you don't look good, I don't look good. I'll also never post intimate images such as nudes or breastfeeding photos.
Also, I'm a contributor to a book cover image agency. Sometimes an image is produced from your session that may look great on a book cover. I ask for an additional release for this purpose. There is no guarantee the agency will accept the images and if they do there is only a slight chance your image will end up on a book. But if they do, I would let you know and wouldn't it be super cool?

What if I want to keep our images private?

As a photographer it’s important for me to be able to show my existing body of work to attract new clients and illustrate what I can do. This is so important to my profession that it is customary for many photographers charge a "privacy fee". The reason is without the fee, many might not allow the images shared, and it is hard to get hired as a photographer without a collection of images. Thant being said, I understand there are sometimes situations that require discretion and there are extenuating circumstances where clients cannot have any images of themselves or children online for safety, and of course I will absolutely respect that. These situations are exactly why I don't feel right about charging my clients a "privacy fee". With that in mind if it is just a matter of not wanting to be tagged or no images posted at all, I'll happily oblige. Either way, I always set up my client galleries with a password lock so that only people with the password can access your complete set of photos.

Do I own the copyright to my photos once you deliver them to me?

As the content creator, under US copyright law I am the copyright owner of the images. However, included in your collection is a print release giving you the licence to share, print, scrapbook, and use your images for personal use. ( Business & Commercial photography services come with a licence for appropriate usage) I do not watermark the high res images images and you’re free to print them at your lab of choice if you decide not to use my professional print lab. What you can’t do is provide them to any sort of commercial entity for commercial use, so if your hair & makeup artist contacts you about using my artwork to promote their business, just send them my way and I would be happy to work out a usage agreement.

Can I share my images on online such as social media, website, ect?

Yes! Of course! I encourage you to! I know as well as anyone that the main way people like to share their images these days is online (But you should 100% get some physical prints made!!! ). I only ask that anywhere that you share my images that you would credit or tag me or my website to provide credit for the artwork I’ve created for you. Because I do own the copyright and to help me gain more clients ( which may result in you getting a referral reward!) And because if you don't look good, I don't look good, I request no alterations be made to the images. By alterations, I mean additional editing like uploading to a service like Instagram that you would NOT apply filters overtop the carefully crafted edits I have provided for you. This also includes text, cropping, removal of my watermark, etc. All my high resolution digital downloads come with low resolution watermarked images included in all packages for you to use for this purpose.

My child won't stay still, will that be an issue?

I would be more surprised if your child did stay still! HA! I like to document who they are and get those genuine giggles. However a well rested and well fed baby/child does a lot better in front of the camera. I'll usually try to get a few poses in at first while they are fresh, and sometimes we get lucky. Otherwise we set our expectation to getting some beautiful authentic lifestyle images.

Do you instruct for posing? I feel awkward & unphotogenic.

Most of us aren’t models, (myself included! HA!), so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of clients tell me when we first meet that they’re awkward on camera or they never look good in photos. These are the same people that you now see filling the galleries on my website in my favorite images. The piece of feedback I’ve probably received most over the years is that I was able to put everyone at ease and make them feel comfortable. Part of this is through my flexible, no stress and sometimes silly approach to direction, and part of this is through working with people that I connect with. Yes I absolutely provide direction wherever needed, but that doesn’t mean your photos are going to feel stiff or posed; Sometimes giving great direction means letting you know where to go, getting you to do something silly and capturing a REAL moment of laughter between the two of you amidst the pre visualized composition I came up with. One of the most important and underrated aspects of photography is choosing a photographer who you feel personally comfortable with; someone that you can enjoy hanging out with, and hopefully someone who makes you laugh. This is why I have a phone call with all my clients who contact me, to give them a chance to see if I am that person for them, and vice versa!

I heard more shutter clicks than the number of proofs I recieved. Where are ALL my images?

First of all, I have a really heavy shutter finger and end up with A LOT of outtakes and duplicate images. I do this to insure I get the shot. Part of my job is making image selection and choosing the most flattering photographs. The images I do not deliver are either repeats, blurry, out of focus, shots of you blinking, or mid sentence speaking. I have no reason to withhold images if there are additional ones I think you would enjoy!

Can I purchase a gift card for a shoot?

Yes absolutely!

Can I arrange a mini session day for my friends and family, church or office?

Yes absolutely! You can arrange to have a mini session day as an office perk, Sunday perk or for your family vacation. Please email me to discuss details.

Are you insured?


Are your packages taxed?

A Santa Cruz/ Monterey California sales tax of 9.25%% will be added to any tangible product, print or album orders.

Do you travel to out of area locations?

I do charge for travel for locations 25 miles beyond the Monterey Bay. Please contact me for a quote.

Can we include our pets in the session?

Absolutely! I'm a big animal lover. We can include pets for in-Home sessions and, depending upon the location, if they allow dogs and other pets I'm most happy to include them.

Do you cover Weddings?

I'm not offering event photography at this time.

Do you so newborn sessions?

I don't specialize in fine art swaddled newborn sessions. However If you would like lifestyle family photography with your new addition I'm most happy to!

Can I show you my Pinterest Board?

YES Please! the more idea I have of what your vision is, the better. I'm not a creative control freak. I welcome inspiration from everywhere!

What can I expect to spend on my photography?

Because I offer so many types of photographic services, it's not reasonable to list all prices here on my website. Please contact me for a custom quote for the exact services you will be needing.
That being said, my prices fall into the "mid range" for photography services in this area.
For example: If you are looking for a "ball park" for portraits, a session is $250 plus the Digital & Print Collection. Collections start at $275​ making the total minumum investment $525.
The average client investment for portraits including session fee and final print and digital products often is upwards of about $1200.