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Dressing for a Fall Family Session

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Fall is all about bundling up in lots of layers, enjoying the shift from hot to cool, and soaking up the sun and autumn foliage. Here are a few tips for choosing outfits for your fall family session:

  • Choose colors that won’t clash too much with the fall leaves. Instead, stick with a neutral palette with colors that blend seamlessly into autumn’s spectrum: jewel tones, deep purples, earthy reds, burnt oranges, creamy nude, etc.

  • Layer up! Don’t hesitate to throw on those scarves, cardigans, blazers or hats.

  • Wear shoes that fit the season. Think riding boots or comfy, fur-lined boots. Loafers and flats can also work perfectly.

For more tips on preparing for a Fall Portrait Session, See my blog post

If you need more help planning your session or booking please reach out to me!

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