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My 4 Favorite Santa Cruz Beaches for Photoshoots

There are SO many beaches to choose from in Monterey Bay that are awesome locations for photo sessions. But I narrowed it down to my top four. These are my favorites because of the scenic elements and accessibility.

  1. Capitola Wharf & Beach

This beach is just south of Santa Cruz in the quaint town of Capitola. I love this beach for the "Venetian" buildings, the pier, and the rocks. All make a lovely backdrop. I don't recommend it for weekend sessions. It gets crowded and parking can be difficult. This also is pay to park.

More info, photos & directions HERE

2. Seabright Beach

This is a lovely spot that features a small Lighthouse (the Walton Lighthouse and the Santa Cruz Marina are both close by. Parking can be tricky, I always suggest mapping to the restaurant Aldos (click here for directions) and parking in the street just before turning into the marina parking lot.

More info, photos & directions HERE

3. Its Beach / Lighthouse Field Beach

This beach is quintessential Santa Cruz. in one direction is the Santa Crus surfing Museum Lighthouse, and in the other direction is a beautiful arch (though only accessible during low tide). This is a dog beach so it is perfect if you want to bring your pooch. Parking can be tricky but not impossible, though some lots close at sunset. This beach can also be crowded on weekends.

More info, photos & directions HERE

4. Seacliff State/ Rio Del Mar Beach

This beach is south of Santa Cruz in Aptos but is a fun spot with a pier and a half-sunken ship. You need to pay to access and park near the pier, Or, you can park here at Rio del Mar Beach and walk about .5 mile to the pier. This beach is also dog friendly.

More info, photos & directions HERE

Are you traveling to Santa Cruz and would like a destination photoshoot while visiting?

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