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A Thank You 



I've always believed that a photo session is more than just the pictures you get when all is said and done (though the photograph part is pretty cool). It's an entire experience from start to finish, and one that often leaves me feeling like my clients are friends!


With that said, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for scheduling your recent photo session with me. I know there are plenty of amazing photographers out there, so knowing that you scheduled with me has me feeling particularly grateful.


So obviously, your session was amazing. I cannot tell you how excited I am to process the photographs and get them to you ASAP. I'm sure you've got plenty of questions, many of which will be answered as you flip through the pages in this guide. You'll learn what to expect in terms of photo processing, you'll get instructions on ordering prints and products, and I'll teach you how to log into your personal online gallery.


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to give me a buzz or shoot me a note. And again, thank you so much for choosing Amy Medina Photography!

Your Photography Friend,



How long does it take to get my pictures?

You'll typically have access to all your images via an online gallery within 2-3 weeks of your session. From there, it takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks (depending on when and what you order) for you to receive your images. Please refer to our Photo Processing Timeline in this information packet for more details.

What if I don't want my session blogged or posted on social media?

I completely respect your right to privacy. If you would prefer to not have your images posted on social media or on my blog, I will refrain from doing so. Do note that your images will be uploaded to an online gallery, but this is password protected and nobody else can access your images except for you.

Can I share my online gallery with other people?

Absolutely! Sometimes it's nice to have others look through your images to help you decide which pictures to print. You have the option to share your gallery.

When is the sales appointment? How do I order my prints and products?

Good news! I don't do pushy sales appointments. You can conveniently order all your prints and products online in your own home from your personalized print store! It is pretty easy to use but I am happy to help walk you through the process.


When do I pay for my prints and products?

When you get the link to your preview slide show you are given the option to purchase one of three Collections. Each collection includes digital images and print credit to order prints. Once you choose and pay for the collection your gallery and print store is opened for your to download your digitals and use your print credit to order your prints.

What happens if I don't like a print or product?

I stand by the quality of our prints and products and want to make sure that you are absolutely thrilled with them. If there is an issue with your order, we will work diligently to replace the affected items in a timely manner.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to call, email, or even text whenever you need to at 951.768.4223 or

I'll respond within 24 hours

Print & Digital Collections



($3000 a la carte value)

For those wanting to invest in heirlooms or want the full gallery of images!


ALL High Resolution & Social Media sized digitals in gallery


Personal Use & Print Release.


$200 print credit

to use in your custom online gallery & print store



($800 a la carte value)

The most popular collection!

20  High Resolution & Social Media sized digitals

Personal Use & Print Release

$100 print credit

to use in your custom online gallery & print store



($400 a la carte value)

Best for milestones and holidays!




10  High Resolution & Social Media sized digitals

Personal Use & Print Release


$50 print credit

to use in your custom online gallery & print store

Photo Processing Timeline

I carefully go through your session photographs one by one to ensure every single picture you receive is perfect.

Here is an idea of my workflow and what is happening with your photos after your session. 


1. Your Session.

The fun part!

2. The Transfer.

I move all your images from my camera to my computer where it is backed up into cloud storage and imported into digital photo processing software.

3. The culling down to just the best. 

You may have heard rapid-fire shutter clicks during your session.  I have a heavy shutter finger. But I do this because I want to be sure I get at least one good image from each pose. And, it is helpful when photographing groups because someone is always blinking or looking away in most of the photos. And sometimes I'm trying camera settings and not all of them are going to turn out. 

A 30-45 minute session can yield about 500-800 images. A 45-90 minute session can yield about 1000-2000 images! This alone can take a few hours.

Some people think they want to see ALL the images I click at a session. Trust me when I tell you, you don't. 

I go through and delete too dark or too bright, dark, blurry or missed focus, blinks and weird outtake expressions (unless they are hilarious), and duplicates (which consists of the bulk that gets deleted). If a photo has the slightest potential, I keep it.  

4. The editing process.

This is where the magic starts to happen! Images from a professional camera don't come straight out of the camera ready to be seen. Think of the  "raw" image as the digital version of the film negative.  It's my job to process the images and bring them to life by fine-tuning the sharpness, balancing exposure, and tones.  

5. Retouching. 

I deliver photos with standard retouching. This includes smoothing skin, removing temporary blemishes & distracting background elements, minor clothing malfunctions, and some stray hairs. etc. I get the worst of these things in the first pass but if you notice something you would like me to try to fix please let me know. Please understand that if the request is on multiple images or includes body sculpting or photo manipulation, there may be an additional charge. 

This is the most lengthy and labor-intensive part of the process. Each image can take 5-30 minutes. 

6. Your Slideshow Preview, Gallery, and Print Store are made and a link is sent for you to see! 

After seeing your slide show and knowing how your photos turned out, it is then time to choose your image and print collection. Once it is purchased your gallery and print store are activated for you to view your gallery, download and share your purchased images, and order heirloom printed products. 

7. Enjoy your images!

Your downloads are available to choose and download immediately after purchasing your collection. Shipping time for printed products is variable and depends on what you order. 

photography should be lived with and enjoyed

Digital files live on hard drives, on USBs in desk drawers, or on the crowded cloud where you’ll never find them. I know you have the best of intentions for printing them someday. Creating that beautiful gallery wall or photo book is on your to do list (and has been for some time). But who really has time for that? And wouldn’t that time be better spent with the loved ones in the photos anyway? Leave the design and print work up to me and you’ll have gorgeous prints and more free time. Win-win.

Print Products

Use your print credit and/or shop a la carte in your personalized print shop for any of these beautifully printed items.